Who Are We?

Are we nuts?! Actually we are the Nutts – Kim & Alex Nutt, to be exact — and no, we’re not nuts. We sell real “mountain bikes built for two” to real mountain bikers. In fact, that’s all we sell and it’s what we do best.

You can learn more about this great team sport and recreational riding activity on our Site Resources page or just give us a call at (678) 445-0711 anytime.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than introducing cyclists of all talents riders to the world of tandem and mountain and gravel

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in knowing more about it. And if you’re seasoned off-road tandem riders this is the place you’ve been looking for.

If we’re not here to answer when
you call please leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can or once we have the answer to your questions. Or, drop us an email to let us know how we can help you or to get more details on a specific tandem build,

Why MTB Tandems?

Ultimately, our goal is to help make your MTB tandem experience — whether it’s your first time or not — as enjoyable as it can be. We understand the needs of the MTB tandem team because we are one. So when you come to us with a specific MTB tandem question or problem we’ll know what you’re talking about because we’ve “been there and done that”.

While there are a few shops around the country that are involved with and knowledgeable about tandems, most shops are not. They simply cannot afford the additional investment involved with selling such specialty items as MTB tandems and parts. We encourage you to support your local bike shop for your regular cycling needs; we recognize the importance and value of good local bike shops. Or you can shop for bargains from the mail-order houses and E-tailers. But few if any of the folks who work in these businesses ride tandems — on or off road — or use the parts they sell for tandems.

That’s where we come in. MTBTandems.com is our enthusiastic answer to needs of the folks like you who either already enjoy or want to discover the fun and benefits of riding tandem mountain bikes. We build and sell only  tandems. We only sell components that manufacturers have approved for use on MTB tandems. And we ride what we sell. After all, there’s no reason to take unnecessary risks when the safety of two riders depends on the performance and reliability of a single bicycle. We believe the best ride is any ride where both you and your equipment come back the way you left: in one piece, on two wheels, and smiling.

Thanks for visiting our Web site! And please feel free to give us a call and let us know how we can help you. Call or stop by if you are in the area! On Sundays we’re open by appointment only. Hey, we have to set some time aside to ride!

Where Is MTB Tandems?

MTBTandems is located in Woodstock, Georgia, a northwestern suburb of Atlanta, right off US Interstate 575.

If you’re in the area would like to stop by to take a test ride, look at the latest tandems, or just “talk tandems” give us a call and let us know when to expect you.

We enjoy our visitors, but ask that you please let us know when you plan to stop in. This ensures that we’ll be able to devote our full attention to you and will give us an idea of what you may be looking for. If you’re interested in a test ride on one of our in-stock tandems this will also let us make sure the bike will be ready for you when you arrive.

And while we sell many tandems across the country and around the world, lots of customers do choose to come to our shop and try out the tandems in person. We think that’s a great way to ensure you’re comfortable with your choices, and we always welcome the opportunity to spend time with you in person. Plus, there are trails very close to the shop, and north Georgia has many great trail systems and roads that provide miles of enjoyable riding!

More About Alex and Kim

First and foremost, Alex & Kim are tandem enthusiasts just like you. They’ve been riding mountain bikes for the better part of 25 years and have been riding MTB Tandems together for the past 25 years. 

In addition to riding mountain bikes and tandems they also promote a number of events each year to benefit local bike clubs’ efforts to gain more access to new trails. Alex is a past president of the Georgia Association of Promoters and a past president of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA), one of the premier mountain bike advocacy groups in the country. In addition to riding on the trails Alex, Kim and their oldest daughter Stephanie actively work to maintain existing trail systems and create to new ones throughout the state of Georgia. Alex has also been and continues to be heavily involved in the negotiation, design, and construction of new trail systems in Georgia.

In another effort to help others enjoy the outstanding recreational resources in Georgia, Alex has taken time to author mountain biking and camping guidebooks. Links to summaries of these and other guidebooks by Alex’s publisher, Falcon Press/Globe Pequot, are included in the Site Resources Web pages. Finally, Alex is a contributing author and columnist for a national mountain biking magazine where on occasion you’ll find tandem related news and information; all part of spreading the word to “get involved”. While Alex gets the glory for doing all of these fun things, Kim capably heads up their most important project: raising their three stokids, Stephanie, Trace and AJ.

As you can see, Alex and Kim are enthusiasts who do their part to walk the talk and hope you will consider doing so as well. In addition to riding your tandems and enjoying the many wonderful trail systems, they would also encourage you to get more involved off the tandem as well. On their behalf, let us ask you to please consider donating one of your riding days each year as a day of work with one of the land access/trail groups in your area. If you don’t know where to start, give them a call and they’ll get you headed in the right direction!