Fandango Tourista (Can Velo I)

“Canvelo” – A Unique Cycling Club for Blind and Sighted Riders

“Canvelo” is a unique tandem biking club sponsored by the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind and its American Friends.  The objective of the club is to provide a safe, supervised framework for blind and visually impaired riders to enjoy the thrill, speed, and camaraderie of cycling. The club also works to increase public awareness of the needs of blind and visually impaired persons and of the important work of the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.

The name “Canvelo” has several meanings: “Can Velo” in Hebrew means “Yes and No” – referring to riders who can and cannot see.  “Velo” in biking lingo means “bicycle” and appropriately, the groups motto is “Yes we Can!”

Come Ride with us in Israel!

Bikers visiting Israel are welcome to join any of the Canvelo groups throughout the country on weekend excursions.  Visit our website to learn about current activities of all the clubs in Israel.   

CanVelo2CanVelo tandem1