Sunshine – Here we come!

It’s been a looooong rainy winter (rain’s as bad as snow since it keeps us off the trails) and we’re looking forward to joining 15-20 other tandem teams in Ocala Florida for the 3rd annual SOORTA Santos.

SOORTA (Self Organized Off-Road Tandem Adventure) is the brainchild of Chris Judd, and is, basically, a “casual” off-road tandem rally. Anyone can host a SOORTA event (and everyone is encouraged to do so), as all you need is a suitable trail system, locations and info on a suitable camground or lodging nearby, and a date that works for the attendees. Other than that, it’s all pretty organic. Ride, eat, socialize, sleep, repeat. Sure, as host you can add some extra pizzazz if you like, but the whole theme is the “self-organized” basis. These events have made it much easier to get to know others in our small but vibrant mtb tandem community, and also provide motivation to travel and see other parts of the country and experience new trails and new environments. Check out the SOORTA FB group here:

The next best thing about riding tandems with your favorite captain/stoker, is riding with other tandems. Check out an event soon – you’ll meet a great bunch of people who are the definition of what’s great about tandems!