Middleburn RS8 X-Type Tandem Crank Arms


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The latest from Middleburn – A great upgrade for your current tandem or a great platform for your new dream machine! Middleburn’s lightweight yet stiff RS8 X-Type crankarms transfer your efforts directly into forward motion, with no energy-sapping flex found with some composite crankarms. Add the versatility of Middleburn’s modular design and you have a do-it-all crankset that can be configured to suit your current (or future) drivetrain setups.

Middleburn RS8 X-Type crank sets are the latest edition to Middleburn’s storied tandem crankset offerings, offering unmatched versatility and options with the modular design.

Plus, Middleburn’s RS8 X-Type Tandem Crank Arms are also available with 100mm and 108mm BB shell spindle lengths, for fat tandems and cargo tandems.

The cranks are HOT-FORGED from high quality 7075 T6 aluminium. The cranks then go through a CNC machining process that finely sculptures each crank arm into the unmistakable Middleburn shape.

The RS8 X-Type Tandem crank arms include the spindle, and are currently available in black (polished silver coming soon!)

170mm and 175mm, front or rear

Middleburn cranks are machined with a JIS taper.

The RS8 X-Type tandem crank has a LIFETIME warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Compatible with all Middleburn RS8 X-Type MTB spiders and UNOs.

Note: This item is for front and rear crank arms only. Choose your spider and timing rings separately.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 7 × 4 in


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