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For teams who explore off the beaten track!

The Tourista – the ultimate all-road (or no-road) travel tandem! Featuring our Fandango handmade-in-USA 7000 series alloy frame and White Brothers Loop 100T or Stoke Tandem suspension fork, the Tourista is the tandem tourist’s dream when the road turns rough, or even better, disappears!

The Tourista frame has a custom Rohloff-specific dropout that eliminates the need for the torque arm or other attachments usually necessary for the Rohloff hub, resulting in a cleaner design and less complicated setup. Rohlof-specific cable guides also help keep the Tourista uncomplicated.

The Rohloff 14 speed internal gear hub offers the gearing range of a conventional 3X MTB drivetrain without all of the gear overlap and duplications. Each gear is spaced equally apart, allowing for predictable changes in gearing no matter what part of the range you’re in. The rear hub can be shifted while pedaling, or while stopped. The Rohloff hub has proven to be extremely durable in off-road tandem use, and also reduces significantly the amount of maintenance needed to keep your tandem running smoothly. A simple oil change one time per year and chain replacement when needed is all that is necessary*. The Rohloff design will provide many years’ service for your tandem, and often well outlasts the rest of the bike!

Fandang’s proven frame geometry and design provides sharp, responsive singletrack handling, excellent climbing traction and efficiency, and stability and predictability while going down hill, yet also still offers a stable, platform for smooth surface riding. Chainstay-mounted rear disc brake and rack bosses provide options for rear racks, and both standard frame sizes offer 4 water bottle cage mounting points. Our new Dual Eccentric frame design eliminates the need for a chain tensioner, for a cleaner, less cluttered (and lighter) build.

Many teams choose the Tourista as their go-to tandem for anything dirt, enjoying the long-term durability and low maintenance of the Rohloff drivetrain in tandem with the excellent performance of the frame and suspension.

Give us a call and let’s talk about building your Tourista!

Component Highlights:

Dual eccentric frame eliminates the need for a chain tensioner

Rohloff-specific frame dropout and cable routing

White Brothers’ Loop 100T 29 or Stoke tandem suspension fork with air assist & IMV damping
Magura MT5 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors
Rohloff 14 speed internally-geared rear hub
Hand-built tandem-specific tandem disc wheelset for durability.
Optional FSA EXO cranksets.
Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension stoker seatpost.
Rack bosses on frame
Carbon (flat) Black or Vette Yellow
Custom colors available

Frame Sizing and Dimensions

SMALL ­ (17.5/15.5) LARGE­ (19.5/17.5)
Captain’s TT: 24.3″Captain’s ST: 17.5″
Stoker’s TT: 28.6″
Stoker’s ST: 15.5″
BB Height: 13 inches
Standover: C = 29 “, S = 26.5”
Head Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Posts: 27.2 mm
Headset: 1.5 inches
BB Width: 68/73 mm
Captain’s TT: 24.5 “Captain’s ST: 19.5″
Stoker’s TT: 28.6 “
Stoker’s ST: 17.5″
BB Height: 13 inches
Standover: C = 31″, S = 28″
Head Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Posts: 27.2 mm
Headset: 1.5 inches
BB Width: 68/73 mm

* Under extreme circumstances, oil changes may be suggested on shorter intervals. See owner’s manual for details.


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