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The Fandango Gravel Machine!

After numerous customer requests, we took a clean-sheet,  approach to creating a gravel/dirt performance Fandango. With a real-world road-ready weight of around 38lbs, this Fandango redefines the performance 29’er hardtail Gravel Tandem  category.

The heart of this lightweight speedster is our Made in USA Fandango 29’er 6000 series aluminum hardtail 29’er frame, paired with the lightweight. Add a steel thru-axle fork designed for both gravel and touring abuse. As with all current Fandangos, this tandem frame and fork can also accommodate 27.5 x 3″ tires/wheels (should your gravel be more gnarly…).

Yes, it’s still a Fandango, the best-handling and most capable hardtail tandem frame available today. Street tires on a Jeep? Yeah, sort of the same with this tandem. There should be no limits to what you can ride, right? As with all Fandangos, our frame design and geometry is geared towards responsiveness and efficiency on off-road, singletrack trails, yet still offers a comfortable and user-friendly platform with features such as extra frame clearance for fenders and rack mounts. This is still a Fandango and as such, still quite the all-rounder. Eat singletrack for breakfast, and then spend the rest of the day dirt road touring or even acting as the family pack-mule.

The Gravel Tourer features our Premium build kit, which offers top-level performance at the lowest practical weight. Optional Shimano DI2 drivetrain is also available.

We think the Fandango Gravel Tourer represents the best performance alloy hardtail gravel and dirt/touring tandem currently available!

Fandango Gravel Tourer Component List:

Bottom Brackets: Shimano

Cassette: SRAM GX 10-42

Chains: KMC X10.93 drive, KMC X8.93 timing

Crankset: Middleburn X-type Tandem Crankset  and Middleburn UNO timing rings/spider

Brakes: Tektro Spyre

Rear Derailleur: SRAM XX Type 2

Shifters: SRAM Force 22

Grips: Bar Tape

Bars – Captain: Thomson Alloy Drop, Flared

Bars – Stoker: Profile Stoker

Headset – Cane Creek 40

Saddles – WTB Speed V ProGel & Speed She ProGel

Seatpost – Captain: Thomson Elite

Seatpost – Stoker: Thomson Elite (optional Sirrus BodyFloat Carbon)

Stem – Captain: Thomson X-4

Stem – Stoker: Control Tech Alloy

Rims: Velocity Blunt 35 TCS  Black – 36 spoke

Hubs: Chris King Universal/ISO 36 spoke

Spokes: Sapim Force 13/16/14 butted spokes with Brass nipples

Tires: Clement XPlor MSO 700 x 50 TCS

Frame Sizing and Dimensions

SMALL ­ (17.5/15.5) LARGE­ (19.5/17.5)
Captain’s TT: 24.3″Captain’s ST: 17.5″
Stoker’s TT: 28.6″
Stoker’s ST: 15.5″
BB Height: 13 inches
Standover: C = 29 “, S = 26.5”
Head Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Posts: 27.2 mm
Headset: 1.5 inches
BB Width: 68/73 mm
Captain’s TT: 24.5 “Captain’s ST: 19.5″
Stoker’s TT: 28.6 “
Stoker’s ST: 17.5″
BB Height: 13 inches
Standover: C = 31″, S = 28″
Head Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Angle: 72 degrees
Seat Posts: 27.2 mm
Headset: 1.5 inches
BB Width: 68/73 mm

As always, substitutions and changes are always available; We are happy to configure your Fandango to your exact specifications!


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