New pricing on Rohloff-equipped Tandems!

We believe strongly in the Rohloff SpeedHub 14 internally-geared hub for many tandem applications, and over the years we’ve built many tandems with this setup. Owners enjoy the Rohloff Speedhub for use in all sorts of conditions, but the hub is especially good for use in sloppy, muddy, grungy environments where conventional drivetrains take a beating and often experience premature and painful death (usually somewhere along the ride other than the trailhead) :(.

Rohloff hub benefits include much lower maintenance requirements, consisting of simply changing the hub oil annually or as required by usage, replacing chains and cogs as needed, and an occasional seal kit after many years/miles of fun.  Since the chains aren’t side-loaded, and since we can use wider 8/9 speed style chains on Rohloff-equipped tandems, chain life should be longer than with an externally geared derailleur-style drivetrain. Broken chains should also be less common, since most broken chains are caused by side loading during shifting. Of course you still have to clean and lube your chains regularly, but no more cleaning grunge out of cassette cogs, derailleurs  and chainrings!

Since we believe in this drivetrain so much, we’ve committed to the Rohloff at a higher level, and the cool thing is – we’ve passed the savings on to you! We’ve lowered our pricing on several models of complete Rohloff-equipped tandems, by an average of 10-17%! Yes, you read that correctly – 10-17%! (Yeah, in the age of 50% internet discounts, that doesn’t sound like much, but we don’t mark tandems up that much to start with, so 10-17% is HUGE!) For example, the Fandango Tourista was $5,599, and is now $4,799 – that’s about 17%! A Ventana ECDM 29’er Rohloff Premium was $7,649 and is now $6,549! (Naturally, a few limitations apply – black hubs only for now, and does not apply to Fat tandem applications). But heck, when’s the last time you saw the price go DOWN on something???

If you’ve been on the fence about a Rohloff-equipped tandem, here’s the best opportunity to experience one that has come along in a while!

P.S: Stay tuned for details on some very exciting updates to the Rohloff-equipped Fandango Tourista…