Another successful AORTA!

This past weekend, 15 intrepid teams joined us for another AORTA (Appalachian or Alex’s) Tandem Off-Road Adventure. We journeyed to Steelville, Missouri to a new host site – Bass’ River Resort. This years’ event was our first held at this location, and we were very pleasantly surprised with how nice and peaceful the area is. Overall the weekend was a resounding success.

The Ozark Trail runs right through the resort, so hosting the event there was a no-brainer; with accomodations ranging from small (cozy) cabins to large, roomy cabins, tent camping and RV sites, there were accommodations to suit everyone. And because the trail is right there, no transport of tandems from the host site was necessary – We, literally, rode from the door all 3 days!

The Berryman Trail, and the local connecting sections of the Ozark Trail provided some refreshing challenges for many teams. With a mix of new-school, machine-built sidehill singletrack, old-school rooty, rocky, slick trail bed, and peaceful and beautiful dirt roads connecting things, trail connoisseurs of all types were well provided for!





We keep saying this because it’s true: the only thing better than riding tandems off-road is riding tandems off-road with other tandems. Whether you’re a social butterfly or just a wallflower, you’ll meet other teams who share your passion for riding long bikes on trails through the woods. Tandem Mountain Bike riders, as a general rule,  are some of the most open, accommodating and welcoming group of bike riders we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting, and this group was certainly no exception. As is always the case, whenever a team encountered something beyond their scope of experience, other teams were always there to help them through the challenge.

We saw lots of smiling faces, dirty tandems, new friendship and memories being made.



Consider joining us at a future AORTA, one of the SOORTA (Self-Organized Off-Road Tandem Adventures) weekends, or this fall at Eastern Tandem OffRoad Rally. Don’t have a suitable off-road tandem? No Problem! Contact us to set up a rental tandem for the weekend.